Guide To The Vegan Bloody Mary

March 04, 2021

Picture this. A sunny Saturday morning brunch, but at-home style. It’s been a long week and you’re looking to ease yourself into a day of relaxation. Mimosas are at the ready but you’re craving something a little more spicy, flavorful, and a tad tangy. The easy choice here is a Bloody Mary. Not any Bloody Mary, but an organic vegan Bloody Mary. And no, we didn’t throw in those buzz words just to fit in with the 2021 food trends.

We believe that Bloody Marys shouldn’t be weighed down by the adornments of shrimp cocktails, pepperoni, and bacon (as much as we do love bacon) but should be anchored by bold flavor. You can keep the meat on the eggs bennie. 


Our Vegan Bloody Mary Mix is an homage to the simplicity and core ingredients that make a Bloody Mary the beloved drink that it is. We start with tangy, ripe tomatoes and organic vegetable stock that’s bold in character, but soft and approachable on the palate. Then we ramped it up with a bit of edge by adding our own Worcestershire sauce and a kick of horseradish to keep it interesting. This Bloody Mary mix lets the ingredients dance in your mouth without feeling bogged down with all the extra fix-ins. Keep it simple, stupid. 

At the end of the day, we’d like to think that bold and balanced flavor brings the best out of everything, especially a Bloody Mary. In fact, we’d drink this mix on its own. Not to say you can’t dabble in a helping of your favorite spirit. Vodka is a given, a tango with tequila is not off the table, and if you’re feeling extra botanical, gin is a surprisingly good partner as well. So, skip the extras and let the flavor, and maybe the booze, do the talking.