A Valentine’s Day Cookbook…Kinda

January 21, 2021

happy feb 14th

This is really a cookbook for those who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day or do so begrudgingly. It wasn’t made in protest against Valentine's Day, but as a nod to those on the other side of the fence, by belief or circumstance. Maybe they can't bear another manufactured holiday. Maybe they don't trust a flying archer wearing only a diaper. Maybe, deep down, they're totally okay skipping the prix fixe restaurant menus. Maybe their current relationship status gets a checkmark next to single. Whatever the case, this is for them.

The following recipes are super simple, quite delicious, and absolutely meant to be eaten in sweatpants on the sofa.

Each recipe was created to make two generous servings because we don't discriminate between dinner for two or dinner for one with leftovers.

Some recipes have suggested substitutions to help those living their best vegetarian, gluten-free, whole30, paleo, keto, or vegan lives.

So, throw on your slippers, and let's get cooking!