Organic Tomato Sauce Done Right

September 24, 2020

Organic is something that’s thrown around a lot. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate organic ingredients just like anyone else. But at Sonoma Gourmet, we believe that organic, when introduced correctly and intentionally, is what makes a dish flavorful, rather than simply the label itself. 

In our previous life as chefs (and current lives as home chefs), we’ve found that there are certain ingredients that, when farmed organically and sustainably, bring the best flavors to the table. When creating our Organic Tomato Sauce, we took every opportunity to source ingredients that we wholeheartedly felt would create the most flavorful experience to each dish. We started with organic, California grown, plum and cherry tomatoes, because it wouldn’t be tomato sauce...without tomatoes. Why both plum and cherry tomatoes though? Plum tomatoes, otherwise known as Roma tomatoes (which originate from Italy) give our sauce the patented creaminess and robust flavor we’ve come to love. While the cherry tomatoes we’ve sourced from California bring the sweetness and acidity to brighten the sauce. In addition to fresh tomatoes, we’ve cooked the sauce down with organic tomato paste to deepen and compliment the base of the sauce.

For the rest of our Organic Tomato Sauce, we’ve taken every chance to do it right. And right, to us, does not mean overdoing it. Simple is often best. To round off our Organic Tomato Sauce, we’ve included organic carrots and onions to provide sweetness and earthiness as well as organic olive oil to provide nuttiness and tie the flavors together. And of course, basil to bring a little fun to the party.

Just like grandma used to make at home, we marry these flavors together in small batches and a whole lot of love. To us, Organic Tomato Sauce done right is not trying to do too much, but using ingredients that are purposeful. What does that yield? Unmistakable flavor. Because without flavor, what is there to look forward to?