5 Reasons To Indulge In Flavored Olive Oil

December 21, 2020

Olive oil. You can find it at every single grocery store in all types of variations. Expeller pressed, extra virgin olive oil, organic, you name it. Whether it be a good thing or not, olive oil has become so common, and to a lot of home chefs a tad boring, or an afterthought. Olive oil doesn’t have to be boring and shouldn’t be. That’s why we’re here to convince you why you should indulge in flavored olive oil. Because what’s better than more...flavor?


You’ve heard it everywhere, variety is the spice of life. Instead of sticking with the same muted olive oil, why not take an opportunity to take a new spin on things. Whether it be used in a chipotle chicken salad or even a few slices of sourdough with dinner, flavored olive oil can give a little variety without compromising what we love about olive oil. By infusing chipotle and red peppers into our 100% California-grown and made, 100% cold-pressed olive oil, you can add a little zing to your cooking but keep things refined at the same time.


Olive oil is healthy. We’ve heard it everywhere. But why stop at that when you can add a little more to it. By infusing herbs, vegetables, and other flavors within our olive oil, the oil is able to absorb antioxidants and nutrients that wouldn’t have been there from the get-go. Think of it as an added bonus. 


Everyday olive oils that one can find at the grocery store are often created in large quantities. This often leads to shortcuts in production and loss of flavor. With each of our products, we’ve taken the time to produce and infuse our olive oils in small batches in order to ensure that all flavors have a chance to shine. 


Whether it be a classic vinaigrette or focaccia you’ve been making for ages, flavored olive oils can add that little bit of variety and flavor that you’ve been looking for. Want to make a dressing without using cheese? Opt for our Basil and Parmesan infused olive oil to add that nuttiness. Sucker for garlic but don’t love the breath? Drizzle some sautéed garlic olive oil to satiate that craving. Flavored olive oils can bring dust off our favorite recipes and make them brand new. So why not indulge?


You might have not seen this one coming. Next time you dive into the freezer for your fix of ice cream (we prefer vanilla), don’t forget the toppings. We’re not talking about sprinkles. Try shopping up some pecans or almonds, adding some flaky sea salt, and, of course, a light drizzle of flavored olive oil. Whether you want to have a kick of citrus or a dose of spice, why stop the gluttony at purely ice cream?