3 Reasons Why Sonoma Gourmet Has the Best Jarred Tomato Sauce

July 09, 2021

Tomato sauce should be a staple in your pantry — not only because it’s used in many of our favorite comfort foods (pasta, anyone?), but also because it’s a versatile ingredient you can use in more ways than one.

However, not all jarred tomato sauce is created equal. From the types of tomatoes and spices used to any additives or extras, even the slightest change in the recipe can drastically alter the texture and flavor of the sauce. Here are a few of the reasons why Sonoma Gourmet has the best jarred tomato sauce on the market — we promise we’re not biased!


1. We use Organic Tomatoes

Hear us out: We know the word “organic” is thrown around a lot when describing food. And while we appreciate the term as much as anyone else, here at Sonoma Gourmet we believe that organic ingredients, when introduced correctly and intentionally, make a dish flavorful rather than just adding another descriptor to the label.

We’ve tasted ourselves how certain ingredients farmed organically and sustainably can bring the best flavors to the table. Our Organic Tomato Sauce only uses ingredients that we wholeheartedly feel will create the most enjoyable experience for every foodie. In our book, this means using organic ingredients, like California grown plum and cherry tomatoes, our own organic olive oil, and other natural ingredients.


2. We Have Fresh Flavors

Jarred tomato sauce should never taste one note. We favor small-batch cooking, and it shows. We work hard to bring our sauces to your plate, caramelizing veggies to perfection and melding flavors to bring not one, not two, but an endless array of interest to your next dish with Sonoma Gourmet. 

Not every tomato is created equal and each brings its own special something to the party. We use local cherry tomatoes in our Cherry Tomato Basil sauce because they give an unparalleled sweetness. We use plum tomatoes in our marinara because their acidity is perfect for that blend of sauce. We use a mix of heirloom tomatoes in our pizza sauce because their complexity holds up to the various toppings people add. Piling on more tomato flavor, we cook down tomato paste in most of our sauces. Organic carrots, organic onions, and organic olive oil are added to help bring out the brightness, roundness, freshness, or flat-out garlicy-ness of the sauce. At the end of the day, it’s all about bringing the flavor in whatever delicious ways we can. 


3. No Additives —  ever! 

Do you know that many jarred tomato sauces on the market have added powders and extracts? It’s all too common to see ingredients like “garlic extract” or “onion powders” added to your sauce that can make the overall flavor fall flat. At Sonoma Gourmet, all of our sauces include fresh, whole ingredients. We never mess around when it comes to flavor, so you can rest assured that with Sonoma Gourmet sauces, you’re bringing nothing but fresh, bold seasonings into your household.


Jarred Tomato Sauce from Sonoma Gourmet

Organic Tomato Sauce from Sonoma Gourmet is not your average sauce. The fresh, organic ingredients make all the difference when it comes to helping your food taste amazing.

Make sure to use our jarred tomato sauce next time you’re whipping up your favorite pasta dish or comfort meal. And don’t forget — you may use our sauce on more than just grains. Add some to your next grilled cheese feast, shakshuka, or poached fish for a true flavor explosion. 


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